The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of you


Our inheritance in Jesus is huge. Much more than religion would allow and infinitely more than many of us imagine.

People will talk of the importance of the sacraments. They are important in religion. Far less so in the Kingdom because the Kingdom is not a religion. It is Jesus manifest. The engine of the new testament is the incarnation: Christ in you. The Spirit of Jesus manifest as all of us. Since Christ is your life, you are the expression of Him. You are the sacrament and the sacrament is your life as lived in the authenticity of your real self.

Don’t look for life in religious rites or ceremonies. Even if those who could no better want to assert that they give dimension to spiritual truths. They do not. They reduce what would have been the raw expression of Christ manifest as you and Christ expressed as the church to religion. They make the radical reality of Christ our life once removed to a rite or a discipline and a shadow. When the reality would have been you and our Father acting as one.

Jesus was one with His Father. As such He was whole as a son and one with what Father was doing. This was not because of any anointing from Holy Spirit, although He had this without limit – as a result of this sonship. Jesus ‘doing what Father was doing at any moment happened because He and His Father were one. As a son Jesus was a manifestation of His Father – as are you if you are living in your inheritance in God and not insulated by religion or the separation of the old covenant.

Our advantage is that we all possess this inheritance. Whether we utilise it or leave it dormant depends on whether we believe it. To have the mind of Christ is to have His mindset; the mindset that is His Gospel of the Kingdom. This is the new covenant in spirit and in truth. It is the arrangement in which He is our life and we are interwoven into the fullness of God, just like Jesus was. He referenced this and urged us to access it when He said, ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

Intentionally entering this communion with God means that all the fullness of the God-Head dwells in us. This is the big deal of the new testament age – not the anointing of Holy Spirit. Why? Holy Spirit anointing is dependent on this union. It is the vine that grows from it. The Spirit and His gifts cannot be sustained without it, like a tomato plant that is taken out of pot and not transplanted in the soil of the garden. Left on the side walk it withers and a dies. This is why new covenant living is a must and not an option.

Look at it this way. There are creeks, more accurately described as dry gullies. They flow intermittently. This is the person living in old covenant separation from God, grasping at the anointing and experiencing some fitful dribbles of water. Then there are rivers that flow continually. They are broad and deep. This is the new covenant believer interwoven with God who as a result has the Spirit without limit and who is never in danger of his few pools drying up.

The Enemy sows tares among believers in order to turn belief into a snare. One of these is the assumption that the law brings us closer to God. It does not. It separates us from God in our minds and turns us into a dry creek with a few mosquito infected pools. This is why slaves live in the old Adam and sons/daughters live in the new Adam as channels of living water and agents of the new creation.