The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of you


Incarnation, ‘oneness’, Christ our life, Christ come in our flesh, is infinitely more simple and supremely more comprehensive than any form of religion could ever construct. It means this: “God has found a face in you that portrays him more accurately than the best theology! Your features, your touch, the cadence of your voice, the compassion in your gaze, the lines of your smile, the warmth of your person and presence unveils him!” (1)

God is unveiled in you, expressed in you demonstrated and realised in Jim, Faye, Ronald, Cedric and Merlene.

The wisdom and efficiency of God short-circuits and renders pointless so much of that which is considered holiness and right-doing and those pathetic distinctives. Father does it by the simple exploit of manifesting His Son as you and as us all.

(1) Du Toit, Francois. The Logic Of His Love . Unknown. Kindle Edition.