The Fatherhood of God and the Sonship of you


Should we come to realise that Religion is our God, we can find ourselves on the verge of rebirth and entry to the Kingdom of Life. The new birth, whether realised or not is the transition from religion into life itself – into Christ our life. In this state of being we grow continually in the dimensions of spirit and life.


There are some good books about that will enable any thirsty person to have more of God. Actually all of Him is here right now. What most of us need to hear and learn is that Father wants to enjoy us as the person we are and He wants us to know Him as He is – which can mean learning that God is a far nicer person than many of us have been led to believe. Our view of God – should it be distorted – mirrors a distorted life. This is why there are pious pills and why people have sub-human personas yet make a claim to godliness. Jeff Turner writes,

I had rid my life of anything that could possibly offend, and lived so chastely that I would have moved the Puritans to jealousy, yet God still seemed so far away.  I had come to the conclusion that God must have been far more rigid and strict than I had formerly thought, and so adapted my lifestyle accordingly.  I was just about the most legalistic person on planet earth, and believed that my piety was a sure-fire way of getting God’s attention.  Yet, day after day, month after month, and year after year, I continued to feel like a failure, and a disappointment.  I was frustrated and far beyond at the end of my rope.” 

This was a good place for him to be because it positioned him at the Door of becoming a real person.

In a manner of speaking all persons are real. Yet as we have been saying in these posts, many of us live as a false self rather than as a real self. As a false religious self, one can become a worker or an ‘actor’ but not a son of God – well not a son in spirit and in truth. As a person who has died to self and risen in Jesus to God and to ourselves, we are on the way to enlarging our soul and spirit as a son/daughter of God. Religion will make us a charade of ourselves. Jesus as our life will make us real, at peace, authentic and a genuine son/daughter of God.

God is not obsessed with sin. He is about life. But it is His life as ours that drives these degradations out of our being and unites us with His own fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit.

The ultimate goal in life is not to adopt a set of pieties as ourselves. The goal is to be ourselves in the person of Jesus who makes all of us who we are and filled with spirit and life.

Useful books for maturing sons and daughters of God.
Saints in The Arms of a
Happy God.
Repenting of
Eternity to Here.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 32). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.